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Magnetic Sheet Thickness: Only the magnet material is included when describing the thickness. The vinyl laminate thickness of .0045” or other thicknesses of laminates are not included when discussing magnet strength or size. Magnetic strength of New Force Magnetics, Inc. magnetic material is approximately 4-5% higher than most other suppliers. Our products were designed from the beginning, to provide more pull per square foot.

Lbs. Pull/Sq. Ft.



Up to 48"



Up to 48"



Up to 40"



Up to 40"



Up to 24.375"

Magnetizing method and poles per inch are identical to the industry standards.

Packaging: Durable corrugated cardboard packaging is the same as all other magnet industry suppliers for the standard stock sizes. Material is rolled on a 3” ID core which is supported within the box by an end cap on each end. Each box has a 4” x 6” white information label on one end. The label has Mfg. name, material description, size, country of origin & the date of manufacture.

Printing: Printing surface of the New Force Magnetics vinyl laminate is designed for UV, solvent and eco-solvent inks, without the need for any top coatings. Most aqueous inks are not recommended for printing on vinyl. Test sheets are available for both dealers and printers.

APAA (All Purpose Acrylic Adhesive) is good for most paper, cardboard, plastic, painted surfaces and most clean dry metal surfaces.
HTAA (High Tack Acrylic Adhesive) should be used where more thickness of adhesive is necessary to fill rough, dry surfaces and is better for out door applications. Note: Acrylic adhesives normally require 12 to 24 hours to meet maximum bond strength. The hold in place tack is immediate but full hold strength requires chemical cure time, the same as most other adhesives.

MAGNETIC TAPE is available plain and with APAA and HTAA grade acrylic adhesives in both .030” and .060” thicknesses and in widths from ½” to 3”. Side A and side B matched pole is also available. Adhesive specification sheet available upon request.

For more information about Magnetic Receptive Transitional Graphics™ specifications, view/download PDF here.

For more information about Flexible Magnetic Sheeting and Strip, view/download PDF here.


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